Amherst Loveseat

Model: U20102

 The Amherst Loveseat is a durable fully upholstered furniture item ideal for use in substance abuse centers, residential treatment centers, and resorts.  This piece works in any living room, lounge, or recreation area and will provide years of lasting value and comfort.

Each upholstered piece has a frame consisting of kiln-dried hardwood and hardwood plywood with reinforced joints.  The seat deck and inner back consist of no-sag springs and the arms are wrapped in medium density polyurethane.  All foam meets Cal Technical Bulletin 117, and each unit has reversible seat cushions and wooden feet.  Available in all fabrics and vinyls with a 10-year frame warranty.

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Bunnyhop Bluejay
Bunnyhop Crabapple
Bunnyhop Fern
Bunnyhop Gold
Critics Choice Cinder
Critics Choice Iron
Critics Choice Lake
Critics Choice Raspberry
Critics Choice Silver
Critics Choice Sprout
Critics Choice Tabby Cat
Critics Choice Tussah
Fandango Admiral
Fandango Amber
Fandango Apple
Fandango Ash
Fandango Ebony
Gavotte Blue
Gavotte Grey
Gavotte Taupe
Interweave Amethyst
Interweave Aspen
Interweave Basil
Interweave Black
Interweave Brick
Interweave Brown
Interweave Cadet
Interweave Charcoal
Interweave Chocolate
Interweave Claret
Interweave Coal
Interweave Dark Blue
Interweave Earth
Interweave Emerald
Interweave Federal
Interweave Gold Dust
Interweave Holly
Interweave Indigo
Interweave Khaki
Interweave Liberty
Interweave Lilac
Interweave Maroon
Interweave Mocha
Interweave Sable
Interweave Sapphire
Interweave Scarlet
Interweave Slate
Interweave Tarragon
Interweave Tumbleweed
Interweave Walnut
Loose Change Gold
Loose Change Sage
Neptune Aubergine
Neptune Azure
Neptune Barnside
Neptune Cabernet
Neptune Cardinal Red
Neptune Chocolate
Neptune Cobalt
Neptune Dune
Neptune Loden
Neptune Mocha
Neptune Moss
Neptune Patriot Blue
Neptune Poppy
Neptune Rust
Sherpa Amber
Sherpa Autumn
Sherpa Billiard
Sherpa Black
Sherpa Brown Haze
Sherpa Cardinal
Sherpa Clove
Sherpa Coffee
Sherpa Concord
Sherpa Dark Blue
Sherpa Denim
Sherpa Gargoyle
Sherpa Garnet
Sherpa Grape
Sherpa Grey Heather
Sherpa Grey Mix
Sherpa Hudson Bay
Sherpa Hunter
Sherpa Indigo
Sherpa Ivy League
Sherpa Jade
Sherpa Keydet Blue
Sherpa Leap Frog
Sherpa Mahogany
Sherpa Maroon
Sherpa Mauve
Sherpa Mocha
Sherpa Navy
Sherpa Newport
Sherpa Purple Velvet
Sherpa Rosewood
Sherpa Royal
Sherpa Scarlet
Sherpa Snappy
Sherpa Special Blue
Sherpa Teal
Sherpa Viola
Shire Acorn
Shire Aqueduct
Shire Ascot
Shire Bison
Shire Black Cherry
Shire Black Marble
Shire Blair Brown
Shire Bricktown
Shire Chesapeake
Shire Commodore
Shire Cordon Bleu
Shire Country
Shire Dark Night
Shire Delft Blue
Shire Dill
Shire Espresso
Shire Fossil
Shire Gettysburg
Shire Greystone
Shire Grey Lilac
Shire Heath
Shire Hopsack
Shire Horizon
Shire Ink
Shire Koala
Shire Levi Blue
Shire Limelight
Shire Marigold
Shire Mariner
Shire Merrimac
Shire Midnight
Shire Nectar
Shire Oxford
Shire Patina
Shire Peachland
Shire Pesto
Shire Pine
Shire Potomac
Shire Rose
Shire Sage
Shire Sesame
Shire Spa Blue
Shire Steel Blue
Shire Stonewall
Shire Tahoe Blue
Shire Tiger Lily
Shire Titan Blue
Shire Travertine
Shire Tulip
Shire Turquoise
Shire Tuscan Blue
Shire Woodstock
Teatime Adobe
Teatime Apple
Teatime Ebony
Teatime Ocean
Teatime Olive
Venus Aloe
Venus Aubergine
Venus Azure
Venus Chocolate
Venus Cobalt
Venus Parchment
Venus Patriot Blue
Venus Poppy
Venus Purple
Venus Rust
Venus Shadow
Venus Toreador
Winslow Blaze
Winslow Blue Chip
Winslow Cashew
Winslow Fudge
Winslow Mineral
Winslow Peacock
Winslow Smoke Blue
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Dillon Apple Green
Dillon Black
Dillon Buff
Dillon Cordovan
Dillon Fiesta
Dillon Java
Dillon Lipstick
Dillon Luggage
Dillon Ocean
Dillon Sage
Dillon Snow
Dillon Stratus
Dillon Williamsburg
Esprit Adobe White
Esprit Aegean
Esprit Alabaster
Esprit American Beauty
Esprit Apple
Esprit Aqua Green
Esprit Artichoke
Esprit Black
Esprit Blue Ridge
Esprit Blueberry
Esprit Blush
Esprit British Tan
Esprit Burgundy
Esprit Celedon
Esprit Chestnut
Esprit Claret
Esprit Colonial Blue
Esprit Concord
Esprit Dark Aqua
Esprit Deep Clay
Esprit Dewberry
Esprit Doe
Esprit Dove
Esprit Dusty Jade
Esprit Emerald
Esprit Espresso
Esprit Flint Grey
Esprit Forest
Esprit Goldenrod
Esprit Grape
Esprit Graphite
Esprit Green Tea
Esprit Grotto
Esprit Gunmetal
Esprit Imperial Blue
Esprit Iris
Esprit Irish Spring
Esprit Leaf
Esprit Mandarin
Esprit Marine
Esprit Mauve
Esprit Mocha
Esprit New Purple
Esprit North Woods
Esprit Oak
Esprit Ocean Grey
Esprit Olive Green
Esprit Paprika
Esprit Parchment
Esprit Peach
Esprit Pink
Esprit Platinum
Esprit Plum
Esprit Purple Iris
Esprit Raspberry
Esprit Regimental Blue
Esprit Rose
Esprit Royal
Esprit Saddle Tan
Esprit Sand
Esprit Sangria
Esprit Shell
Esprit Snow White
Esprit Space Blue
Esprit Sun Yellow
Esprit Super White
Esprit Taupe
Esprit Tea Rose
Esprit Teal
Esprit Toast
Esprit Tomato
Esprit Vizcaya Palm
Esprit Wineberry
Esprit Wood Violet
Esprit Yew Green
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Invision Citron
Invision Harbor
Invision Cayenne
Invision Caramel
Invision Dark Latte
Invision Honey
Invision Putty
Invision Sand
Invision Tide
Renaissance Blue Jade
Renaissance Carbon
Renaissance Chalk
Renaissance Cinnabar
Renaissance Cobblestone
Renaissance Currant
Renaissance Cypress
Renaissance Gypsum
Renaissance Ice Blue
Renaissance Pyrite
Renaissance Steel Blue
Renaissance Wineberry
Silvertex Basil
Silvertex Blackberry
Silvertex Borscht
Silvertex Bottle
Silvertex Celery
Silvertex Champagne
Silvertex Chestnut
Silvertex Cream
Silvertex Ice
Silvertex Jet
Silvertex Lagoon
Silvertex Mandarin
Silvertex Marine Blue
Silvertex Raspberry
Silvertex Sage
Silvertex Sapphire
Silvertex Sunkist
Silvertex Taupe
Silvertex Umber
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Cantina Black
Cantina Chili
Cantina Cocao
Cantina Cranberry
Cantina Dove
Cantina Magnetite
Cantina Molasses
Cantina Peanut
Cantina Putty
Cantina Quarry
Cantina Saddle
Cantina Taupe
Gunslinger Black
Gunslinger Coffee
Gunslinger Red
Gunslinger Saddle
Oregon Trail Bourbon
Oregon Trail Java
Oregon Trail Putty
Oregon Trail Saddle

Model: U20102

Dimensions: 66″w × 35″d × 35″h

Weight: 105 lbs

Additional information
Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 66 × 35 in
Fabric Types

B-Grade Vinyl, Leather, Special Fabric, Standard Fabric, Standard Vinyl