Residential Treatment Facility

All A Board Inc. manufactures and delivers furniture for use in residential treatment programs throughout the U.S. We offer a wide array of styles to meet your specific furniture needs.

Our quality design and expert workmanship produce furnishings that are stylish, comfortable, but still durable.  Our furniture provides many years of service, reducing furniture cycles, and resulting in savings over the life of the furniture.

At All A Board, we understand that residential treatment programs need furniture designed that is durable, with features that are tailored to environments where residents may be dealing with hygiene issues, or safety concerns due to emotional outbursts and self-harm.  We provided specific features that help with some of these specific concerns, including items in our Intensive-Use Plastics Collection with optional panels for weighting, and items in our Pine Collection with optional safety cables.

We have manufactured furniture for over 25 years.  We started out as a small regional manufacturer and have grown into a national supplier counted on for quality products and reliable service at a fair price.

Contact our staff so we can explain the most pertinent options available for your specific needs and setting.

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